This needs to be happen!


I had a dream last night. I saw the two coolest video on YouTube:

1. My Drunk Kitchen with Alli Trippy

2. Drunk Gaming with Hannah Hart

Maybe Alli will be at Vidcon this year? And maybe this could definitely happen then? Because an MDK with Alli would be epic

helloitsrhiannon asked:
You should have Grace Helbig,Hannah Hart,and Mamrie Hart on tabletop




WE LOVE THE TRIFECTA OF AWESOME! Actually, Hannah and Grace were on already - but we’d always love to have all three of them at the same time! 


I would pay real money to see this



Imagine if the girls announce the new thing they’re working on at Vidcon again, like last year…
Would be sooo emotional


Rocking the sunnies

I have a proposition….

….there are literally dozens, if not hundreds of Holy Trinity fic writers. We’re all very different and unique, but the same three people draw us all together.

Dear fic writers, look at your URL. Why’d you pick it? What about that combination of letters stood out to you? Especially the writers that have never had a URL change.

Write a Trinity fic (with the ship of your choice), and simply incorporate your URL into it. I don’t really care how, or how obvious/subtle the inclusion is. Just toss it in there somehow. I think since we most have really similar URLs, seeing the different ways we can all take it would be interesting.

Or not. I mean, you don’t have to get involved. I just think it would be fun and different.

You in?

Anonymous asked:
but wait.. hannah's last video... did she make any puns?


imageShe’s Hannah Hart, of cour- Wait she didn’t.. I… what?!!


Anonymous asked:
Hey, I recently found the Swace fic but thank you anyway :D

Swace exists online somewhere?

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